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The architectural practice Project institute ARENA was founded in 2011. Since the inception our main course in design has been set to developing of sport facilities, stadiums and the vast variety of public and commercial buildings. The head of architectural department is Dmitry Bush, who is Merited Architect of Russian Federation, Associate Member of Russian Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, professor of Moscow Architectural Institute.

We are proud to tell that the team of professionals working in ARENA designed several biggest and most significant sport venues in the country. Among them are Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Speed Skating Center in Krylatskoe (Moscow), Ice Sport Palace MEGASPORT on the Khodynka Field (Moscow), Fisht Olympic Stadium and Iceberg Skating Palace for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014. Proposals for Arena CSKA in Moscow and Zenit Arena in St. Petersburg were also forged in these walls. Among currently developing projects we would like to outline football stadiums for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in Volgograd, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and Ekaterinburg. Above all, we have designed several significant sport facilities in most major Russian cities

Design of theatres, museums and various cultural venues is yet another course that our practice has been following since its inception. Among the other proposals we participated, we would like to name Private Collections department of The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, theater New Opera, theatre Gelicon Opera.

There are two proposals for medical centers in Moscow under development, which makes healthcare architecture an area of future progress for our practice. Meanwhile, commercial, office and mixed-use construction is highly renowned route, e.g. Business and Retail center Kitezh in Moscow had been named the best architectural proposal of 2009.

Our team had not forgotten residential architecture as well. It resulted in our proposal winning architectural competition for residential block in D2 area in Skolkovo in 2012. This project is under future development now.

Projects designed by members of ARENA repetitively been marked by various professional prizes, including the highest Russian architectural award Chrystal Daedalus in 2001, 2002 and 2004.

Today Project institute ARENA stands as a General Designer for big public venues in different regions of Russia. Our area of expertise covers all architectural, structural, and technological and MEP sections of design process.


We believe that architecture carries a statement of a team designing it. While working on each project we focus on achieving the unique and individual result. Uniqueness, in our understanding, bases on cultural context and traditions, while individuality grows from rational interconnection of construction and functionality. We feel that our design must respond to challenges of the environment, striving to create ethically correct and comfortable surroundings and habitats.


Conceptual proposals for venues and territory development done by Project institute ARENA are methodically follow technical regulations coupled with social priorities and social context and traditions.

The idea of that lays in preparation of the rational foundation for further detailed drawing development. In regards to building volume design it means definition of functional models, structural and MEP solutions, choice of material, etc. In scale of masterplan proposals it usually outlines principles of common resources and territories usage for the area^ water supply and electricity, sewage and waste disposal and recycle, media and communications, energy saving technologies, transport, community, landscape and sustainable development.

Conceptual proposals result in developing territory programs, integrated schemes for territory evolvement, masterplans etc.


Consulting services in the area of architecture and urban planning takes part in evaluating qualities and risks of existing or potential developing objectives, or in prediction of them potential scenarios of evolvement.

Formal study for the area is done as a part of a complex process of economic feasibility evaluation and allows creating a fully developed and profound concept for the territory, complexes or separate buildings. All the evaluations are done according to active national and international regulations, sustainability principles and ecological standards. The resulting methodical recommendations are formalized into program of optimal urbanistic and architectural actions to be taken further in the design process and are based on a rational treatment of existing properties of the territory in order to maximize the efficiency of the design.


1st prize in International competition Archchel-2020. Congress Hall architectural proposal

2nd prize in International competition held by BEE BREDERS Rome Concrete Poetry Hall

Diploma of the II Architectural Award U-KON Artproject “Best office building” — Business and Retail center Kitezh, Moscow, 2009

Diploma of the competition “Best realized project in area of investment and construction”

Honorary diploma “Architectural owl” of the International festival Art of Building-2009 for Experimental school of fine sport skill proposal

Diploma of 1st Degree of the XVI International competition-review for the best project (building) of the year for the Megasport Sport palace, 2008

Golden Diploma of the Russian National Award Crystal Daedalus for realized project Speed Skating Center in Krylatskoe, 2004

Diploma of 1st Degree of the XII International competition-review for the best project (building) of the year for the football stadium in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 2004

Diploma of the awardee of the Moscow review for the best architecture of 2003-2004; nominee for the Golden Ratio Award for the football stadium in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 2004

Golden Diploma of the International festival Art of Building-2002 for the realized project, Diploma of the awardee of the Russian National Award Crystal Daedalus for the realized project of the football stadium Lokomotiv, Moscow.