International children center "Artek"


Location: Republic of Crimea

Year of construction: 2016

Status: renovation, project, completed

Capacity: 850

Team: Architects – D. Bush, A. Orlov, A. Zakluchaev, V. Alyokhin, E. Antonova, S. Voskanyan, E. Buzmakova;

Engineers - Bekmuhamedov R., Voronyanskiy S.,  Krivosheyev O.;

Planning organization of the land - K. Kharitonova, V. Sundova


Task: renovation project of the existing constructions in the territory of Artek camp complex with maximum preservation of buildings’ architectural style and layout principles according to modern requirements of comfort, using modern materials and taking into account providing modern sanitary and epidemiologic requirements.

Features of an architectural concept:

Bedroom block represents two-storey gallery type volume with operated roof and semi-basement. Open galleries are located along one longitudinal facade and adjoin two open ladders. On the operated roof the sun-protection canopy which also serves as protection against rain is provided.

Existing building of the Krug eating-house has been partially demolished and dismantled due to structure’s degree of depreciation and it’s discrepancy to modern regulations. Newly constructed eating-house includes includes two parts: increased size rectangular volume (56,7m х 18,9m) with semi-basement and cylindrical dining hall (inner circuit diameter of 36m).