Location: Celyabinsk

Year of construction: 2016

Status: project

Area: 100 000 sqm

Team: Architects – A. Orlov, A. Zakluchaev, A. Tsyplakov, S. Korobkov,  Е.Korobskoy, A. Yakushev, I.Morozov, S.Ann, A. Anisimova,

3D Visualizers – P.Kuritcin, V.Kuchuk, M.Archipov, A.Cherednikov, O.Kuzina, A.Halitova.


Located in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, on the site adjoint to Miass river, the Archchel-2020

competition winning proposal by PIARENA for the Congress Hall to hold events of BRICS and

SCO summits. Moreover, the venue is to provide space for business meetings, public events and

exhibitions. The proposal also includes hotel and pedestrian bridge across the river Miass.

The site is located in the center of the city of Chelyabinsk. The plot is divided in two parts by the

Miass river. The city Circus building holds the ground on the west side of the area. The topography of

the area is smooth and leveled.

To emphasize the natural accent of the area - the smooth curve of the river - the building is

shaped as a solid volume thrown across the river, rectangular in footprint but curved as a sail as it’s

crossing the flow. Elegant and gentle wave of the bridge in the bottom is developing into dynamic

spikes of roof rising to the levels of 61,00 m and 150,00 m above ground automatically rendering the

building as a new urban landmark. Opposite corners of the building that are lowered to the level of

the embankment naturally form the pedestrian route across the river while spikes contain a mixeduse

concert hall, a hotel, an office complex, an exhibition hall and a media center connected via

common atrium. Upper levels of the complex gives a perfect place for cityscape observation decks.

In order to improve flux distribution, loading and emergency evacuation, each functional zone of the building received a separate entrance area and vertical transport. To achieve maximum flexibility of the venue mixed-use concert hall, elliptic in its footprint, has a mobile scene and orchestra pit and could be transformed for theatrical performances, concerts, sports events or banquet use. Maximum capacity in concert hall regime is 3150 spectators.

Shaping the building so compact and dense gives the room for vast public space in front of the edifice on both riverbank that is able to hold the variety of open-air events. The landscape design of the above mentioned area based on parametric grid of parallelograms is another key spot of the proposal. Green areas, water surfaces, trees and bushes planting,paving cladding and street furniture - all obey the same grid pattern which generates organized and systematic yet dynamic and enigmatic approach to the plot.