Location:  Moscow, 3RD St. Peschannaya

Year: 2006-2007

Status: completed

Capacity: 30000 seats


 Architects – A.V.Bokov, D.V.Bush, S.N.Chuklov, V.I. Valuyskih, A.V. Orlov, L.S. Romanova, K.V. Lanina, J.V. Veretennikova, A.S. Zolotova, E.A. Buzmakova, O.Y. Gak.

Structure - LLC "GC-Tehstroy" M. Kelman

MEP Systems – E.E. Bekmuhamedov, J.V. Kozlovtseva.


The designed object considered in the context of the overall concept of town planning solutions of the urban area. The volume of the stadium from the east closes the perspective of the former runway of the Central airfield strip them. Frunze.


The complex designed in dynamic forms: a light-transmitting cover over the stands of the stadium and the facades designed in the form of a hyperbolic paraboloid. Office tower, symbolizing the football cup hypar like crowned ball. The stadium surrounded by the perimeter of a gallery on the second floor level, which is adjacent to the platform entrances. Office and hotel blocks integrated into the corner of the stadium.