Location: China, Harbin, Chun Li's region

Year: 2008

Status: completed

Area: 6,6 ga

Customer: Management of development of the New region of Chun Li

Group of authors: Architects: D. Bush, D. Podyapolsky, A.Khomyakov, O. Gak With participation: O. Borodin, F.Buynov, N. Karmanova, E.Kozobrod, A. Konyakhin, I. Rasstegnyaev, M. Temirbayev


The "Gold river" boulevard is a multi-color, multidimensional and diverse space. The expressional combination, crossing, imposing of various means of the modern landscape dictionary: reservoirs, soft coverings and pavement, lawns, flower beds and groves. The congress center and the Exhibition center are organically placed in the layout of the park, their inclined roofs are continuation of a landscape of the park.

The center of Arts Longjiang includes the following parts: boulevard "Gold river", Congress center, Exhibition center, Office building Chuang E and building of Conservatory.

The building Chuang E - "Screen-building" is modern administrative and office center. The main element which gives necessary expressiveness to the building is the glass spherical surface on which the translucent LED media screen is placed.

The building of Philharmonic hall is located on the site in a northern part of the boulevard. The idea of creation of the park of "live scenery" around the building of Philharmonic hall is the cornerstone of the town-planning solution of the site. In the conceptual plan the park is additional to the open foyer of Philharmonic hall in which landscaping musical subjects and motives materialized. The building of Philharmonic hall is placed across the boulevard between two water planes - the viewer on wooden platforms bridges gets to the central space of a lobby and further to the foyer on the 2nd floor and to auditoriums. During the non-working periods the building of Philharmonic hall is open for end-to-end pass and works as the park pavilion with functions of cafe and showroom in lobby space.


Awards: 1st award, International contest, implementation