Location: Moscow, Khodinskiy br, 3.

Year: 2004 - 2006

Status: completed

Capacity: 14,000 seats

Customer: JSC "Directorate General" Center "."


Architects - A.Bokov, D.Bush, S.Chuklov, V.Valuyskih, L.Romanova, O.Gak, Z.Burchuladze, A.Zolotova, A.Timohov.

Structure - M.Livshin, M.Kelman, P.Eremeev, E.Bekmuhamedov, O.Starikov.

Interiors - LLC "Leonardo" A.Shvets



The ice arena was considered as a component in the general concept of the town-planning solution of all territory of the Hodynsky field offering including: to keep the Hodynsky field as an element of a landscape and to reflect in it historical unique content of this place and to recreate traditions of carrying out on it is mute festivities and entertainments of the population.

The volume and spatial solution of the building of the Ice arena logically follows from the common quarter town-planning decision - access through quarter are flows into the wide ramps rising by spiral surrounding the cylinder of the main amount of the building of the palace and lifting the audience on top levels where, since the second floor, lobbies and the foyer are designed. The direction of entrance ramps repeat light-transmitting canopies over them, in turn, floats into the roof of the building.

The round plan of the hall, optimum in the number of comfortable places at the average line of the hockey field, determined a cylindrical form of the main amount covered for the purpose of reduction of a cubic capacity by the bent trailing structure from metal profiles.


Nominee for the award "Golden ratio".

The diploma of the winner of the Moscow review on the best work in the field of architecture of 2004-2005.