Location: Moscow, Kiyevskaya st.

Year of design and construction: 2002 - 2007

Status: completed

Area: 75000 sqm

Team: Head of group: A. Bokov /Mosproekt-4/.  Architects: N. Rodionovskyi /Moscomarchitectura/, D. Bush / Mosproekt-4/, T. Kirdina /Mosproekt-4/, E. Ivanova / Mosproekt-4/. Engineers: M. Livshin / Mosproekt-4/.


Creation of the multipurpose building, which includes shopping center, offices and multi-level car park. Placed on the narrow and long site along ways of the Kiev Railroad, complex has the pointed nasal part turned to Kiev Railway Station Square, and the projection of office part thrown through the carriageway of Kiyevskaya Street with views of the square. The northeast part of the building is designed as irregular, arc-shaped volume with console expansion on upper floors creating the image dictated by constant movement and dynamics near site.