Location: Moscow

Year: 2016

Status: project

Area: 24 500 m2


Architects - Bush D., O.Gak, Petkova D., Sibiryakova A., Podrez.A., Shikhragimova E., Gunko V., Churikov A.;

Engineers - Krivosheyev O.;

Structure - Svirsky D., Zotkin S., Kashin A.

Planning organization of land - Yu.V. Sundowa



The site of an object is a part of the territory of the Olympic Luzhniki complex. On the site of design the building of an ice skating rink "Crystal" which isn't operated now is located and is subject to demolition.

The volume and spatial solution of the building has symmetric composition. The axis of symmetry of the ice arena "Crystal" passes from the pedestrian avenue in the direction of Luzhnetskaya Embankment. On both sides from an axis entrance lobbies, ice arenas, zones of rooms of athletes and office rooms of the 2-3rd floor are symmetrically placed. The symmetric solution of the palace - characteristic feature of the sports constructions of the Luzhniki park constructed in the 50th years. The main facade of the building is focused on the avenue going from the embankment to Sports palace. The lobby is solved in the form of a niche with the crystal embedded in it. The Spa center zone with the pool is also allocated with a panoramic glazing overlooking the park. The entrance to a zone of offices is carried out from the Walk of Fame from the opposite symmetrically solved facade. All office rooms are designed overlooking the Moskva River. All perimeter of the building is captured by copper panels with the inclined drawing over which a wave metal lamellas lay down.

The ice Crystal complex has 3 elevated floors and 1 underground floor. The main functional zones of an elevated part are: a zone of ice platforms with locker rooms for athletes, trainers, judges; a pool zone with locker rooms; a bathing complex with locker rooms; sports and training halls; cafe overlooking ice platforms; office administration premises. In an underground part of a complex the parking, technical and technological rooms is located.