Location: Moscow, Cherkizovo

Year: 2000 – 2002

Status: completed

Area: 28 500 m2

Capacity: 30 000 seats

Customer: CJSC Baltic Construction Company.


Architects - A.Bokov, D. Bush, S. Chuklov, I. Babak, K. Lanina, N. Nikiforova.

Engineers - M. Livshin, P. Yeremeyev, A. Buzmakov, E.Svatikova.

Architect technologist - A. Shabaydash.

Coauthors Architects - I. Afonina, O. Gak, E. Rudakova. Engineer: M. Savtsova.

Interiors - LLC Leonardo A. Shvets.



The sports Locomotive complex of 25 hectares with its reconstructed stadium – an important city-forming element, implementation of the ideas of the Master plan of development of the city of Moscow till 2020 assuming, in particular: consecutive transformation of monocentric city structure with dominating role of the historic center into structure of the urbanized city framework based on polycentric.

Four steel concrete support dividing three-storied tribunes of stadium into 4 sectors for the purpose of safety increase bear the polycarbonate canopy blocking all the seats separated from the game field by a safety ditch, through cable chains supported by the upper tier of tribunes.


The gold diploma of the winner of the Russian national award in the field of architecture and "Crystal Dedal" for the best construction of 2002.