Location: Vernadskogo Avenue, 76, Moscow

Status: concept/project/completed

Area: 16 750 sqm

Architects: A. Kuzmin, A. Bokov, D. Bush, V. Lenok, V. Tulupov. With the participation of: A.H. Belik, A.A. Belik, A. Krylov, Y. Bedrin. Engineers: M. Livshin, L. Glebycheva


The building represents a 5-storey parallelepiped with the training rooms flanked from two parties by ladders. The main walls are made from glass elements in which auditoriums of different function, departments, administration rooms and MITEK departments are located.

Due to meridional arrangement of the building, premises of departments, offices and other small rooms are located on the South (domestic) side of the building, and audiences of bigger areas accommodate on 1, 3-5 storeys of the case. In the first floor the lobby with a winter garden accommodates. Complex system of levels in an interior of the educational case makes for the dynamic and saturated space united by an open "palladian” ladder and a diagonal glass stained-glass window.