Location: Gelendzik

Year of design: 2015

Status: renovation/project/developement

Team: Architects – D. Bush, A. Orlov, A. Zakluchaev, V. Alyokhin, A. Tsyplakov, S. Korobkov;

Planning organization of the land - KM Kharitonov, V. Sundova


Developement of both sites of a complex located one over another is solved as the single composite ensemble created by two groups of buildings, cascade falling on a slope along the central spatial axis oriented from the sea up to droplet-shaped volume of the mixed-use center on the upper site. Predominant nature of the multipurpose center volume will be emphasized with neutral "screen" of the office residential case located along the upper brow of a coastal slope.

Features of an architectural concept: The flanking groups of the lower zone of a complex are formed by a series of the repeating cases of two types having the single principle of spatial creation in a basis: trapezoidal segments in the plan are grouped around the central open domestic space. Buildings are also raised over a landscape. This move opens landscape, makes the site most permeable visually and for pedestrian movement.