Location: Skolkovo, Moscow

Year of design: 2014

Status: concept

Team: Architects: D. Bush, A. Orlov, V. Tulupov, A. Zakluchaev, V. Alyokhin, I. Berdnikova, I. Grishina, E. Buzmakova, S. Karanda. Engineers: E. Bekmuhamedov, S. Zatkovetskyi.


Project goal was to create the residential environment of new quality associated with nature of Skolkovo Innovations Centre.

Offered housing estate is characterized by the following main qualities: uniqueness of system of the carpet gallery building forming the square yards surrounded with apartments and the rhombic courtyard bordered with galleries. Building is blocked in ornamental crystal structure from which the circle of a certain dimensions is cut out. The openness and permeability of courtyard system are achieved due to tilt angle of residential block to the ground surface with preservation of horizontal position of slabs in the block. The housing estate can be crossed by walking paths in all directions and, if necessary, arrival of special equipment to each yard is possible. Flexibility of planning structure allows assembly scalable from one residential module to building on tens of hectares.

Democratic character and egalitarianism of housing is caused by gallery structure with a possibility of transition from one residential block to another without any restriction. All living space can be crossed freely through both internal galleries and open yards. Complex safety of residential structure is ensured by connection of residential blocks. In case of fire, emergency or terrorist threat evacuation from each apartment is possible through galleries via any of 12 staircases.

For it’s ecological qualities project gained LEED Silver certification, and also a number of environment-friendly design decisions were made like use of solar panels, use of rain water, enclosing structures of maximal energy efficiency and minimization of impact on the environment due to designing supporting structures of residential blocks on ground only in zones of entrance groups.

Comfort of designed housing is achieved through the high level of insolation (more than 60% of apartments have satisfactory insolation time).